Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Must Be Mistaken: The Phone Call

Uh. I found this note. 
On my windshield? 
You asked me to call? 
Because your Jeep door is, uh, scratched? 
Uh, you must be mistaken. 
There was lots of room between our vehicles. 
And, uh, I didn't do it. 
It must have happened somewhere else. 
And, uh, you just noticed it. 
Uh, OK then, you can call me back if you want. 
But I didn't scratch your, uh, Jeep. 
Well, good-bye.


  1. Nothing like photographic evidence. do you have a close up of the damage to the Jibberty?? Is that it I see so obviously on the front door?? I would have told him you had picture and he saw you wathing him. he cant dispurt that can he. On the other hand Id go see Colorworks out past me on Brunel Road. Hes the guy who fixed Eva's car up for an amazing price.

  2. he he my typing is sooo awful dispurt sound dirty.


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