Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Eastwood

Dear Mr. Eastwood:
I wanted to write you a letter but don't know where to send it. And I know you don't read my blog but I wanted to put this out there anyway because there is something I need to tell you.
I just watched Gran Torino. Again. I can't count how many times – maybe five or six by now. Doesn't matter, though. You make me cry every time. Not just cry, either, but big sloppy, messy tears.
At least I'm improving. The first time I saw it I lost my breath, cried all night and cried the next day.
It is probably one of the best movies ever made.
No, not probably. It is.
It's not just your superb acting, directing and, yes, singing that grabs me. It's the message you send. A message that even the most bad-assed Archie Bunkers can come around. It's Walt Kowalski's relationship with Thao and Sue that turns this movie from good to excellent.
I put it on for my two young boys to watch, thinking it was a good lesson for them about racism. (I told them to ignore the swearing and warned them, just because Walt says it doesn't mean you can.) 
They watched the whole movie, rooted to the spot. No squiggling like you expect from an eight-year-old and an 11-year-old. When it was over, they bawled ... like babies. Like the babies they still are, really.
A few years later they still say it's the best movie they've ever seen.
I'd have to agree.
I'm home sick with a cold and so I watched Gran Torino on the movie channel this morning. 
When it was over, and the tears were still wet on my cheeks, I googled it to find out how many Academy Awards your movie had won. (I can't remember what I had for supper last night, never mind an awards show a couple years back.)
I was shocked when I found out it was totally ignored.
I just want to say that you were robbed. Gran Torino should have won Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and, if there was such a category, Best Dog. (I love Daisy.) Plus whatever else Oscar was handing out that year. This movie should have won everything.
What did win that year? Oh yeah, Slumdog Millionaire. Yup, I saw it. It was good. But I didn't cry. And I've only seen it once. It didn't have that much of an impact on me.
Your movie, though, man ... I talked about it at work for weeks. I'm still talking about it.
Anyway, Mr. Eastwood, I just wanted to lodge a complaint that your movie wasn't honoured like it should have been. And I'm so, so sorry.
You're probably one of Hollywood's greatest actors and directors. You're an icon. 
And I'll never stop admiring your work. You're not Unforgiven. You're Unforgettable.


  1. I agree. Eastwood is one of my father's favorite actors, which of course transferred over to me. A real legend he is. I hope he knows just how much we love our original Pale Rider. ;)

  2. Clint Eastwood is the best. The man is like a fine wine. Or maybe whisky. Gran Torino was a great movie. Much deserving of your letter.

  3. I've never seen the movie but now must watch it after having been captivated by the video you posted. One of the coolest actors ever. You can never have to much Dirty Harry!

  4. Well said. I wasn't surprised that the movie was ignored by the academy, but very saddened.

    Gran Torino is still one of my all time favorites. As is Clint, of course.

  5. I loved that movie and yes, Clint Eastwood is a brilliant marvel with his acting and now directing career. I haven't seen his new one, but it is supposed to be just as marvelous.

    By the way, I love Jamie Cullum.

  6. Cathy, I can't believe, as much as I like Eastwood - and I Love Clint Eastwood! - that I haven't seen this movie. The video does make it seem as brilliant as you say it is, now I must see it!
    And how dear of you to write him a letter, to express your gratitude. I hope somehow he finds this and puts you in his next movie. :)

  7. My Mom is insanely in love with this movie. She's watched it at least a dozen times. I enjoyed it both for the drama and for the instances when Eastwood bordered on self-parody (there is such a thing as too intense). In particular Ahney Hao knocked my socks off. Shame on the film industry for not snatching her up and making her a star after that performance.

  8. John - That's when Eastwood was at his best, when he was interacting with Ahney Hao. They lit up the screen together - perhaps the best female lead he's ever worked with. And you're absolutely right about her career... she is a bright light. And oh, tell your mom she has exquisite taste.

    Deanna - Can you imagine? A note from Clint Eastwood. I'd die! I'd just die!

    Laurita - Yes, like whiskey. I hope he lives forever.

    Joann - I love Jamie Cullum, too.

    Sutton - thanks for dropping by!

    Liz - Yes! You MUST see this movie (you and Deanna, too). It will knock your socks off. You'll cry more than cousin Karen did at Terms of Endearment. (Make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara.)

    Carrie - My father loved Clint Eastwood, too. My father-in-law had every movie he ever made, I think. My husband calls him Squint McClint and whenever he can't sleep, he puts on one of his old westerns.

  9. No argument from me. Clint has been one of my favorite actors since I watched The Good The Bad And The Ugly at the Royal Palms Theater at about 9 years old. He's been one of America's best directors for over 30 years. I think the Academy Awards gave his Unforgiven Best Picture but I don't know if he's ever even been nominated for best actor. Hopefully his reciepts at the box office help to ease his disappointment. ;)

  10. Harry - I checked out the trailer for Hereafter. Looks like another must-see!

  11. I'm going to make sure I see this movie. Sadly life got in the way and it passed me by. My first car was a 1972 Gran Torino

  12. I am embarrassed to say I haven't seen this movie. Yet. But I will. I am such an Eastwood fan, from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Unforgiven (my first date with the man who became my honey-for-life), he rocks. Great tribute! Peace...

  13. I haven't seen it either but now I'll have to. Unforgiven is hands down one of the two or three best westerns I've ever seen.


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