Saturday, January 9, 2010


"I can see that Mom is kind of upset," Angus says.
I smile at him.
I am, a little. I was hoping to be home in time to post something on this blog, only because it's important to me to try to and write something every day.
But it looks like I am about to miss the midnight deadline.
Angus, dear heart, notices.
He is beautiful, in all ways.
I took this photo of him and Misty this afternoon.
He is as beautiful as any sunrise, any sunset, any child, anywhere.
He is my Gus. 
And I am so proud of him.


  1. My cats were giving me a hard time last night. Fighting, jumping up in the window, playing around with pretend mice. They are so anxious to get outdoors in the WARM weather! I stopped to play! Then got back to my craft! Pets are as bad a little kids...

  2. Hey Jenn, Eleanor! Thanks for the comments. Don't you just love hearing from other people?
    You know, this is probably one of my favourite photos of Angus and there have been so many! I've been thinking about it all day. Not only does Angus look amazing (I love that golden afternoon light) but Misty's face makes me smile... she looks just like a little fruit bat.


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