Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slife One

Slife = slice of life: 
A weekly bit showing our daily world, 
shared with online friends to get to know one another better.

Following the sander home on a blustery, snowy, icy night on Highway 11.
Since they banned cell phone use while driving, do you think they'll ban picture-taking? 

My turn-off.

Stopped for a medium regular cuppa joe at Timmy's.
Tim Horton's is THE Canadian coffee shop.

Get-together tonight at Pub on the Dock in Huntsville for Mz. Paula Boon, famous author, proofreader and euchre nazi. She looks like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm but she stings like a butterfly and gloats like a bee. From left, that's Paula's main squeeze, hubby Nico, Huntsville Forester News Editor Tamara de la Vega (gawd, Tamara, I hope I spelled that right), Mz. Paula, Forester reporter Carli "Snow White/Mary Tyler Moore" Whitwell and production/euchre buddy Leah Burton. Paula is leaving the Forester after many years, moving on to getting her novel published. Go, Paula! And, she had her baby without drugs (I think she's insane; Carli - I have three words for you: epidural, epidural, epidural.)

Mz. Boon's get-together required two tables. Table deux feature new father Mike Dash, husband of the wonderful and talented Carlye (Carli is replacing Carlye on her maternity leave.. how funky is that?), table hopper Mz. Boon, Forester alumni Jennifer Cooper who we all miss, Wedding Guide and Sideroads cohort the lovely and talented pixie-ish Tracy Nita Pender, reporter/photographer/mom Carlye-Q, and the star of the show, the one and only, the fabulous, the extraordinarly pretty-in-pink Miss Olivia.

Part of the production room at the Bracebridge Examiner. That's supervisor Gail Knaus on the left and Marianne Dawson on the right. Note the time: 5:05 p.m. and I was supposed to be gone an hour ago.

My very good buddy Leah at her desk. Note her "holiday tree" that she decorates for holidays, any holidays. Right now it has a Valentine's theme. And that's her new kitten Reagan on the computer.

My leather chair, the envy of all my co-workers, given to me by my beloved, parked at my desk in front of my computer, where I park my arse day in and day out.
Oh, and that's my Kleenex, too.

Question of the Day: If you were having a baby, would you go all natural and drug-free, would you take some kind of drugs for pain, or would you choose an epidural? If you've had a child, what was the delivery like? 


  1. WOW! That's some slife! So that's Tim Horton's - is it like Starbucks? Lookit all those friendly, smiling faces, and beer and babies. (Partial to the Carli & Carlye, as I have a Carly - who goes by "Que".) And your desk? Holy crap that's a big ol' desk - are you more important than you let on? Nice chair too. I'll take one.

    I have had multiple deliveries both with epidurals and without (oh, I begged, but too late) - I can attest that anyone who voluntarily requests to NOT be given drugs is a complete and utter masochist. You can bet they don't wave off the anesthetic at the dentist, but somehow think natural childbirth enhances the experience? Hell no. The experience is seeing/holding/smelling/nuzzling your baby for the first time. THAT's the good bit. Silly women.
    This is good, sound advice from the experience of a bona fide baby MACHINE - who actually enjoys being pregnant.

  2. Timmy's is like the antithesis of Starbucks. Not pretentiousness, no expensive coffee or chalkboards. No cool young university baristas. Just middle-aged women in hairnets and brown polyester uniforms. Good, regular, fresh coffee and doughnuts. If the neighbourhood diner was a huge multinational congomerate, that would be Tim's. It's as Canadian as hockey. Maybe more so.
    Here's a link to a You Tube clip featuring my favourite stand-up comedian, Ron James talking Tim's. (This guy is poetry in motion.)

  3. Love your post and the picture with the sander.
    I had an epidural because I had a C-section. My little guy was breach. I felt the first cut! Bring on the drugs!

  4. If I found out I was pregnant I would need drugs... someone else might too.

  5. Have an epidural starting at the 6th month is my advice.

  6. Ha! These are great comments. I'm the 'masochist' in question. (Nice photos, Cathy!)
    The funny thing is, I'm quite a wimp when it comes to extreme heat, extreme cold, hunger, and other physical discomfort. But somehow I just knew drugs weren't necessary for me (barring complications, of course).
    Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm and watched my share of lambs being born. Or maybe it's because I feel this kinship with women all over the world who, for centuries, have given birth without drugs. (I understand the argument that women and babies have also died etc. etc. and I'm _NOT_ knocking anyone else's choices, by the way). Maybe it's because my mother gave birth to three babies without drugs and it didn't seem to have been a big deal for her.
    ANYWAY, my birth experience was _incredible_, and I've never felt so strong and powerful and in awe of my body.
    Later, when I was talking to my sister on the phone and she asked how it went, I said, "It was great!" Her response: "Are we talking about giving birth here?"

  7. I would get an epidural for a toothache if I thought someone would give it to me. (I should be living with an anesthesiologist - hey honey, top me up, I've got a hang-nail!)
    Paula, Paula, Paula, Paula.
    How come I don't know you better?
    How come you're so good at everything you do? Writing? Editing? Choosing a great guy like Nico? Being funny and sweet? Having babies? The rest of us pale in comparison.
    We will have you down for euchre one night, I swear.
    And I'll whip your butt without anesthetic.

  8. Eleanor, you FELT the first cut??? That's like everyone's worst nightmare. I would have hauled off and smacked someone! The first time I was pregnant I was so afraid of childbirth that I HOPED for a C-section. The delivery was so wonderful, I wouldn't have traded it for anything. But there is such a mystery surrounding childbirth -- it doesn't matter how many people tell you about it in advance, it's still a secret club that you can't join until you go through the experience. One negative thing about epidurals: there is a risk of having a spinal headache afterwards. I had one with Angus and it was terrible. Still, there is a quick and easy cure - the anesthesiologist injects fluid (I think it's your own blood, but I forget) into the epidural "string" that they leave in you (for just such an emergency) and the headache instantly disappears. The headache is caused by air in your spinal cord. Headache or not, for me, the epidural was still the best thing since sliced bread. It allowed me to truly enjoy the whole experience. And there are different types of epidural... mine allowed me to push, to walk, to fully participate. But the BEST thing about being a woman in this day and age is WE HAVE CHOICE. Thank goodness!

  9. Yay for choices. And Cathy, you're SO on for euchre. Watch out: I haven't played for a long time (since you transfered to Bracebridge, sniff, sniff) and I'm raring to go.

  10. Uggg... lost my previous post. The thing about these net books is unless you've got very small and precise fingers the keys get a little wonky.
    Just wanted to say thanks for some good conversation, interesting food for thought and a nod of appreciation to Cathy for spelling my quixotic name right. I still remember being asked whether I preferred to use Bryon, but a little challenge is healthy. Besides, why anglocize everything?
    Paula we're going to miss you on Tuesday, especially your calming force. Cathy, thanks for letting me drop in on your blog.... I knew you were quirky, but you're also kind and genuine and I've enjoyed reading you.
    Think we should organize a euchre tournament of sorts again. Maybe when the weather improves a bit, I never did get to organize it at my place.
    Stay warm and take care y'all.

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