Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whatever I Want

I had an interesting afternoon.
Work was good.
Got off in good time.
Dave was up in Sundridge doing some plumbing and I had a chance to do WHATEVER I WANTED.
How exciting! How lucky I am!
First, I took this photo of the river. It is almost, but not quite, frozen right across. I thought it looked like a surreal painting. This made me happy.
Then I thought, I will do my chores and write my blog and then make something fabulous for dinner while I watch HGTV or the Food Network or something else Dave makes faces about.
So I brought in three armloads of wood for the fire.
Then I filled up the humidifier, which was almost dry.
Then the waistband of my jeans caught something on the dish rack and not one but TWO china plates came crashing down on the floor, breaking into about a bazillion pieces.
Then I swept.
Then I vacuumed.
Then I washed.
Then I tried to put broken glass in a garbage bag. 
Then the bag ripped.
Then I tried to put broken glass in another garbage bag.
And another.
Then I said, "!%@%$#^*$&@&(%*."
I finished just as Dave was coming in the driveway.
"How come you're sweating?" he said.
Because I always sweat when I'm doing whatever the hell I want.
Don't you?

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