Saturday, August 7, 2010

Laura Eno's Love Story

Everyone's favourite #fridayflash writer, Laura Eno (above, with husband Rick) talks about her wedding:
"When it came time to plan our wedding, our guest list grew past 300 people and, when we started adding
it all up we quit counting at $5,000 and decided to go to Vegas instead, staying at the Luxor Hotel Pyramid.
We got married on Nov. 20, 1993 at Little Church of the West, which was featured in the Elvis movie,
Viva Las Vegas, but Elvis didn't marry us. Our wedding dinner was at the Excalibur Hotel, where we watched an
excellent medieval tournament, but the meal was served in Henry VIII fashion – no utensils.
That wouldn't bother me a bit, now but, at the time, I was grossed out by the thought of digging my hands
into my meal and only picked at my food."
I Do Countdown: 49 days

If Jon Strother is the father of #fridayflash, Laura Eno is the den mother.
She is the encourager, the supporter, the cheerleader, the helper. Everyone loves Laura – I mean, how could you not? (Need more Laura? Visit her blog A Shift In Dimension.)
And as well as being a sort of virtual Mother Theresa, Laura is also a mighty fine writer, one of the best on the flash circuit. Her stories are often the first stories other flashers turn to and she often garners more comments than the rest of us put together.
I have come to admire her for a number of things and, frankly, I'm a little in awe. When I get an e-mail from her, it's like having an audience with the Queen. Only the queen is friendly and down-to-earth and a lot like me – only better!
I was pretty darned happy when Laura sent me her "love story," how she met up with husband Rick. And check out that wedding photo – hard to believe that sweet little princess bride could ever come up with all those raunchy Death and Chronos stories.
Without further adieu, Mizz Eno:

When my husband and I first met, he was the DJ playing '70s music at a club in San Diego from 8 – midnight. I worked a second job collecting the cover charge at the same club but for a different promoter…midnight – 4am for Reggae music.
The first night I walked into the club, Rick left the booth and tried to talk to me but I wasn't interested—I was there to work, not chat. He went back to the booth and played "Brown Eyed Girl", dedicating it to me. In his defense, the lights in a club make it hard to see but I have blue eyes, which I promptly told him in a dismissive way. After that, he tried harder to get my attention. Being used to groupie types that hung around his booth, I must have fascinated him.
After a couple of weeks of this, I finally gave him my phone number. He never called. We'd see each other at the club and it became a running joke about whether he would actually call or not. This went on for three months. During that time we became friends, which was a nice change instead of the usual date first, before you know the person.
Finally, one night he asked if I wanted to go have coffee when I got off. I said yes and he hung around until 4am, walked me to my black car and said he'd meet me there. I sat in the restaurant for 20 minutes with him a no-show. Just as I was about to leave, he walked in and said he'd been driving around the parking lot, but didn't see my white car so thought I wasn't here.
Our first actual date was to a private party at another club. Inside there was a split hallway for the restrooms and half-flight basement. He was so busy watching me walk away in my mini-skirt that he fell down the stairs. The keys in his pocket left a bruise for weeks.
This was Laura & Rick's wedding song. Laura says listening to it still gives her chills.
As I prepare for my own September 25 wedding I would love to share your own love stories. Send them to me here, at Love Central. I promise I will treat your words with tender – loving – care.


  1. So sweet! Laura is the den mother for sure and it's so cool to read her love story.

  2. Aw, Laura is one of our faves, and so are you, Cathy. It's delightful to hear Laura's story.

    ...And the part about him falling down the stairs because he was watching you walk is priceless.

  3. Thanks Cathy for posting ... I love these snippets into the lives of our bloggin' buddies. and yes, Laura is aces in my book!

  4. This was sooo super and congrats Cathy!!!

  5. Awww, thanks guys! And thank you, Cathy, for such sweet words. :) Sorry for picking on you, Rick! Oh, and I forgot to tell you about this too...

  6. Love Laura's story. Very cute. Does Rick still have a problem with colors, Laura?


  7. He's very careful to pay attention to colors now, Helen. :)

  8. Awww, lovely story Laura, thanks for sharing!

    Can't wait to see more romantic stuff coming Cathy. Real life love stories are *much* more interesting than fictional ones. *grinz*

    Are you telling your own? I hope so. :)

  9. Too funny!

    I am loving these posts, Cathy!

  10. The thought of a wedding of over 300 would have terrified me. Vegas. Good call.

    That was a nice story. I was expecting something more horrific, or at least noir-ish!

  11. Good job playing hard to get, Laura! =) I love Bryan 1st concert when I was 12 in 1985. I love how Rick fell too, hilarious!

  12. How Can You not Love Laura? - What a great title for a story. This was such a fun post. Thanks for sharing, Laura. Cathy, this is such a great idea! Have I said that already?

  13. What a great story :) The Las Vegas wedding sounds like a blast!

  14. That was great! Something tells me Rick knew it was a mini and not a long skirt. Call it a hunch.

  15. Thanks, everyone!
    Mark - Yes, but can he tell you what color the skirt was?

  16. awesome! What is it above flashers and getting married in vegas..we need to form a club.. great tale

  17. How cool is this. I haven't seen any sites where people blog about how they met and married and such. And what better place than Las Vegas, one of our favorite places to go.

    Stephen Tremp

  18. Brown Eyed Girl - that was too funny, Laura. Loved your story. You two took a lovely wedding picture.

  19. And I still bug him about that song too. :)
    Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

  20. I love the development between you and your hubby Laura before you two tied the knot - definitely good to get to know your spouse; you'll be with them for a long time!
    Thanks for sharing your world.

  21. OK....Time for me to weigh in.
    My colorblindness has improved, but no Mark I do not remember what color the skirt was. :) And she does remind me of the song on a yearly basis.
    Yes my balance has improved and I find that if I walk next to my gorgeous bride, I do trip less. Side note: That bruises hurt a lot, and were worth it.
    MINI skirts do rule!
    As for the song, still makes me weak every time. "It is incredible when you get to marry your best friend".
    I was a little shocked when she posted this, but laughed so hard when I finally got to read all the comments from her friends.
    I truly am blessed, and am so glad she has found her passion in writing. I still check to make sure there are no sharp instruments around the house. Just to be on the safe side.

    Love ya Baby

  22. What a great story, Laura. And I love the idea of this blog. I will try to get back often to read the real life love stories.

  23. Awww. LOVE the she said he said that this post/comments have become.

    Yes, Cathy, you must post yours before your wedding!

  24. Thanks all! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

    A special thanks to Cathy for posting it and may she have many happy years of marital bliss.

    Rick - Thanks, sweetie, for braving the blog world and posting a comment. I love you!

  25. Awww! Cathy, thanks for posting this story. How wonderful to here the inside scoop from our very own cyber friends.

    Laura, you are so adorable, with your sweetness and support for everyone. You have such a giving nature. Not to mention your talent and creativity. Rick is a lucky guy and it sounds like he is totally aware of it. I do have one question, though......Rick checks for sharp instruments around the house......but does he know about.......Jezebel? ( Hugs )

  26. Cynthia - He avoids my whole office, which is where Jezebel and Mr. Fluffy reside. He also never interrupts me when I'm writing for fear that my pages might become a reality...bwahaha!

  27. Aw, that is so bumbling and sweet! How fun to hear about the stories of how couples meet! Thanks for sharing this story!

    I love the pic of you both - so cute! You have often mentioned how supportive he is of you and your work - how wonderful you stuck with him after the mishaps!

  28. Just loved your story, Laura! Sweet and humorous and full of love. *sniff*

    What a great picture! I must admit I did look to see if Jezebel and Mr. Fluffy were in wedding party but they were probably doing bouncer duties at the door. :D

    And loved Rick's comments. You two did hit the jackpot when you married each other! :)

    *toasts with Prosecco* Yes, Laura, I always have some at the ready for times like this.

  29. Anne - I couldn't shake him, but after awhile I was glad. :)

    Marisa - Mr. Fluffy was speaking with the pit boss and Jezebel was playing the slots...

  30. Aww, what a great story! I love how Laura's hubby kept getting the colors wrong. I wonder if this causes much laughter in their lives now!

  31. Lydia - He's better with colors but he still doesn't have a sense of direction on vacations. He calls me his 'seeing-eye wife.'

  32. Well holy Hannah!
    Laura just sent me a tweet wondering if I want my blog back :)
    Nah! She is doing SUCH a good job ... and, like I told her, she looks outstanding in pink.
    It has been an utter pleasure featuring a little-bit-o-Laura. Perhaps she could do me a favour some day and drop some fiction this way?????? Hint?
    Thank you, Laura.
    It has been ever so much fun.
    Feel free to keep commenting, y'all!
    And come back soon – I have two other brides on deck, including a fellow blogger from my area, the wonderful and talented Deb from My Great White North; and someone you all know and love, Newfoundland's own Laurita of Brain Droppings.
    Please, feel free to send me your love stories, wedding or otherwise, fiction or otherwise.
    And I was thinking it would be fun to hear people's Helpful Hints for a great weddings.
    Embarrassing moments at weddings? Let's hear them!
    And if you have any photos of yourself in tacky bridesmaid dresses or outlandish baby blue tuxedos, send them, too.

  33. This is adorable, Laura! Did he have an explanation for not calling? Did he lose that number and not know how to say?

    I love the image of him falling down the stairs. :)

    And what a great idea this is, Cathy.

  34. Jen - He still had the number. As for not calling...why do men do half the things they do? *shrugs* :)

  35. Thanks for sharing your adorable story, Laura. The bruise from the keys -- very funny. Peace...

  36. Thanks, Linda! He still does funny things... ;)

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