Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for WOO HOO

The WOO HOO refers to how I feel about Sam-I-Am: my boy is a disc jockey!
We have a superb community radio station in the area, Canoe FM, and recently one of the volunteer DJs visited Sam's class and asked for the kids' favourite songs. Then he recorded them talking about the songs and why they like them so much.
Not suprisingly, a lot of the other kids picked artists like Taylor Swift as their faves, but not Sam. I just about fell over when I heard his choice.
And, WOO HOO, does he ever sound like a natural!
(Note: the entire radio show is on this link but Sam is first up. Please, do not feel obligated to listen to the whole thing - I haven't even done that - yet. But if you want an hour of nice music from some nice kids, well, have at er.)


  1. Wow, a very enlightened young man. Good choice Sam!

  2. Excellent taste, that kid! He made some great points :-)

  3. He really really thought about why he liked that song. Good work.

  4. I enjoy his taste in music better than the rest of his class

  5. Woot! Nobody can knock Sam's taste in music. Definately sounds like a natural.

    Word Ver = debum

    2nd Word Ver = lotionv

  6. You go, Sam! (and of course I LOVE the title of that song!)
    That's a great picture of him too. :)

  7. Great choice, Sam. Also great point about the percussion and how it all comes together.

  8. Sam is the awesome. And I LOVE that picture.


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