Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yellow Jellied Salad

Don't you be turning up your nose at jellied salad until you try it.
I know lots of people who would eat dog turds on a bun before they'd eat my Yellow Jellied Salad but they're just silly. This is the best jellied salad in town, any town, and it's the perfect accompaniment to a turkey dinner. Its sweet, tart and crunchy yumminess makes even the driest bird easy to swallow.
This enhanced cole slaw recipe comes from my mom, who probably got it from her mom, but she forgets. Regardless, I have adopted it as my own and now am the official purveyor of Yellow Jellied Salad at all family functions.
As promised, here's the recipe:

Yellow Jellied Salad
Finely chop and mix in a medium-sized glass bowl:
2 cups cabbage
1 stalk celery
5 green onions
5 radishes
Add 1 tbsp. white vinegar and toss.
Pour one cup of boiling water into a small bowl.
Add one package Jello lemon jello powder. Yes, it has to be lemon. No, it can't be diet. 
Stir until jello powder is dissolved.
Add 3/4 cup Miracle Whip salad dressing and stir with a wire whisk until smooth.
Pour jelly mixture over vegetables, give a quick stir and stick bowl in the fridge.

This salad sets up quickly and is best enjoyed the same day it is made. After a day the red from the radishes gets runny and the salad turns pink. You really don't want that.
No Miracle Whip in your neck of the woods? I guess you could substitute mayonnaise. If you have to.


  1. I love jellied salads but nobody seems to serve them anymore. My grandmother always made the best ones but hers was with a lime jello.
    Thanks for the recipe - this chick is going to make one this weekend!! It will be great with barbequed something!

  2. My gran used to make a jellied thingie with marshmallows and fruit in it. Mom made a green one. Somehow I have never developed a taste for the jello.

  3. I'm a jello junkie, but i think I may have to pass on this... :)

  4. I can hear it now - Mom, it looks like a martian, I keep staring at it waiting for it to move, I just can't eat it.

  5. I've had plenty of Jellowy salad concoctions. I'm a pretty adventurous eater and a fan of the mold-y congealed food group. As a mater of fact, I'm now hankering for a taste of that one up there with the spanish olives in it.

  6. Um...I can only eat jello that has FRUIT in it. A medical condition...really...otherwise I'd try your jello with veggies...*cough* Sorry, hairball caught in my throat.

  7. My life is now complete, because up until this very day I never even heard of yellow jellied salad. I'm totally trying it.

  8. That look delicious. I must try to make that one of these days.

  9. You will have to bring that over to my place and hold me at gunpoint, madame.

  10. This was good! Kids loved it. I did add a dash of cardoman to the cooked mixture. I have done this with pineapple and lemon jello before. I will make for a company dinner, it is good.


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