Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X-Rated

So there's this little kids' TV station in Canada (let's call it Treefort) and it plays shows for preschoolers (let's call them the Pull-Ups crowd).
One morning this week when mothers across this great nation were just slurping back their first cup of coffee, sleep crusts hanging off their eyelids from last night's parent-child debacle (let's call it barfing, scary dream, poopy pants, fight with drunk husband, lost pacifier, or empty valium bottle), small child with fresh diaper and filled sippy cup firmly ensconced in front of the TV watching Dora the Explorer (or Caillou, or something involving a bunny, a bear, a turtle or a bearded man in short pants), the unthinkable happened.
Treefort TV showed a clip from an x-rated horror movie. 
Let's call it The Ring (because that is what it is called).
Moms dropped their coffee and made like NFL quarterbacks on their way to grab the clickerbox and save their spawn from having their eyes burnt out by images of blood, guts and nekkid people.
The Twitter world came alive with outraged tweets.
Parents called the station to lodge their complaints.
Treefort was apologizing and apoplectic on Facebook.
Kids were sitting around in the sandbox talking to their play group buddies, saying, "FINALLY, something good on TV."


  1. That's hilarious. I can just imagine all those mothers heading, jet propelled, for the tuner.

  2. Haha! The Ring is super creepy. With or WITHOUT kids, I would have dived for the clicker too! :D

  3. I think I'd be more worried about my kid seeing Calliou. Brattiest whiniest cartoon kid ever. :D

  4. I can picture the sandbox chatter!

  5. Hahahaha!

    Hook line and sinker! :)

  6. Oh man, I wish Caillou was actually in that movie.

  7. The Ring got an X-rating up in Canada? Wow, down here they only slap that on pornography.

  8. Scary stuff, boys and girls! (said in my best Count Floyd voice) How come they didn't air stuff like that when WE were kids!


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