Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Calling All Americans

You always wonder what bloggers look like, don't you?
Well, I do. (Especially the mysterious ones - what are they hiding???)
But it's kinda nice to keep your true identity a secret. Sometimes you can unfairly judge the content of a post when you have a picture of the author in your head.
That's why I was a little miffed when Michael Solender dug up this photo of me (taken this spring on the banks of the Muskoka River) and stuck it up on his blog, Not From Here Are You. Not that it's a bad photo, although I do think the maple leaf makes my patriotic arse look overly round. I'm just afraid my faithful readers will now consider me an erudite airhead with nothing but a sleek, tanned and luscious booty and amazing fashion sense.
The toque is such a good colour for me, though.
Oh well, I can't blame Michael. When you look as gorgeous as me you get used to people wanting to show you off.
Besides, Michael is one of my favourite people right now. He has one of my stories up at the Not for Canadian Week. Not just me, either. He also has some of my best writing buddies. When you're finished checking my picture out, check out the Not.
(You're still looking at that picture, aren't you? It's the maple leaf - it draws you in, like a target.)
To thank Michael, and to pay homage to his Canadian Week idea, I want to host my own American Week.
So many of my blogging buds are Yanks - I vastly admire their skills and would like them to write their own American-slanted stories. They don't have to be patriotic - they should just convey some sort of American styling, whatever that styling happens to be. Make it fiction, make it short (600 words or less but I'm not counting), make it wonderful. Send it to me at by May 24, 2010 - in Canada, that's the May 2-4 weekend, the first long weekend of summertime and a big, beery reason to celebrate.
Also, send me a photo of yourself. I know, there's no way you're gonna be as good-looking as me but I won't hold it against you.
Unless you want me to.
With an arse like that, I'm betting you will...


  1. So, do I have to send you my arse shot (it's ass in Yankspeak) with an eagle on it? :)

  2. Hey Cath, it lookis like you take after me. Talking about your photo. lol

  3. I'll participate, but I'm not sending pics of my ass, lol. :D

  4. Does the story have to have a flag and apple pie in it? Cuz if it's a requirement I could probably fit a pie into my photo ....somehow....

    Loved your essay at THE NOT.
    And this looks like fun.

  5. Wow, I had no idea Canadians could get so tan! After last summer's experience in Vancouver during a heat wave, I thought y'all just turned pink. ;)

    Hmmm, I may have something around here. But (haha) I'm not sending an ass shot. Gotta keep the incognito blogger thing going somehow.


  6. As an aside, when I posted the pix of "moi" I titled it Cathy Olliffe hoping that some day some stinky old boyfriend who dun me wrong will google my name and see that picture and feel enormously sorry that he dumped me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Guilty as charged. Miss Cathy. I was lured into reading by the photo. Funny idea about the ex-boyfriends...

  8. Hilarious post... And totally dug the story as well...

  9. OK, I'll click on the link, but it's very hard to tear myself away...


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