Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Radar Love

Summertime. The Celsius is up. The black flies are biting. My convertible is awake.
It has slunk, dusty, in the garage all winter long.
Stashed with life jackets and paddles, camp chairs and hummingbird feeders. 
Emptied of battery, empty of spark, empty of gasoline.
Dead, almost completely.
Even the mice in the glovebox found livelier accommodation.
Now it rumbles.
It bites anxiously at the pavement, ready to roll.
Bling shines.
Open roads beckon like sirens.
Curvaceous lines tremble with anticipation.
We are in lust again, he and I.
I am his lover.
He is my pet.
Together we will move as one.
On a sultry night in late spring.
When the Celsius is up.
We will ride.


  1. Sexy! You have some really delicious word choices in here. And those pics are awesome.

  2. Nothing like an open top and an open road. Oh, and the smell of the countryside! Heaven.

  3. Sweet! Rock on and great pics. :)

  4. Very cool. Never owned one but I think it would be more than a blast...


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