Monday, May 10, 2010

Jesus Bandages

My friend CJ got 30 or more facebook comments because she said something about Jesus bandages.
I thought to myself: why even bother writing anything?
Why not just post a picture of Jesus bandages and see how many comments I get?
It's gotta be easier than #fridayflash.
Three weird coincidences:
1. Switch CJ's intitials and they're J.C.
2. CJ keeps telling me she's a goddess, or is it Queen of the Universe? I always get those two mixed up.
3. My friend's initials are J.C. and his parents are named, GET THIS, Mary and Joseph!!!!
I know!


  1. It's Queen of the Universe, get it right or I'll remove your chin, like I did your eyelids. ;)

  2. ooooh, I'm so scared... Queen of the Universe threatening to remove my chin... which chin do you want? I've got a couple extra I'm not doing anything with...

  3. Umm...doing my part to move you towards your 30 comment goal. You're weird.

    I hear ya, though, on the comments being 'inversely proportional' to the amount of time spent on your blog posting.

  4. Hahahaha! I think it's very funny that the label says they're good for "minor booboos."

    (But I hope you _will_ keep writing, Cathy. I love what you write.)

  5. Back in the early 60's there was a prediction that the world was going to end. Late one night on our cottage radio (the one made from pig iron) we picked up a station in Tennessee (no doubt the waves were bouncing off the Canadian Shield because there weren't any satellites back then) and they were selling 'Last Supper Tablecloths' made from durable plastic. That night I heard a song that has stuck in my head ever since....
    "I don't care if it rains er freezes,
    S'long as I got my plastic Jesus,
    Sittin' on the dashboard of my car."
    There are more verses that I have made up over the years but I won't bother to note them here for I fear lightning is about to strike this blog.

  6. How do those bandages work on nail wounds? Just asking. ;)

  7. LOL at Aaron's comment...actually, just checking back to see if you made 30 yet. Look, there's another comment!

  8. Holy crap! After Aaron's comment, lightning is going to strike for sure!

  9. Bless you my child

  10. Do they call them that because people often scream JESUS! when they cut themselves? It can't be because he protects, for obvious reasons. Although it is said He saves, but again, obviously not from the little scrapes of life. One wonders too, if He is so all-powerful and all that, why does He need adhesive, not to speak of sterile coating? Once again, you have composed a profound inquiry into the mysteries of the universe. I salute you.

    BTW, thank you for pushing my latest comment count to a respectable level. I find it interesting that after all my apologizing for posting another depressing story last week, few people seemed interested in this week's funny one. So it goes...

  11. To MyNorth - that is my favorite song, sang also in my favorite movie "Cool Hand Luke" when Luke hears his mother has died he sings it while playing the banjo before being put in solitary "for his own good". I taught it to my children and we used to sing it on roadtrips.

  12. Mark, the crowds they are so fickle.
    Puts me in mind of that old Eagles song, New Kid in Town.
    They want happy? Ya give 'em happy.
    They want sad? Ya give 'em sad.
    What more do they want? Blood? Spit? Aromatic emissions?
    And, speaking of your blog, what's up with 'your' Deb saying all Canadians are melancholy? (I have a Deb, too. She's My Great White North and she is never melancholy. She has this great dog named Lucy - I love Lucy - and she has this great ... oh, but I digress)
    What was I talking about?
    Oh yes, the fickle crowds.
    Pfffttt... screw 'em, I say.

  13. This is hilarious... And how true is THIS???

    "It's gotta be easier than #fridayflash..."

  14. With no disrespect to CJ, I am Intergalactic Queen of there.

    I like that the bandages are also good on locust bites...


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