Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Six Ways to Happy

Misty morning on Kiosk.

There is so much sadness in the world.
I'm not even talking about the big tragedies.
Just the personal ones. The small ones. The ones that consume people's lives.
I have my own battles, of course – I mean, who doesn't? As much as I carry on like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, as much as I have to be happy about (and I have so much), there are times when sadness envelopes me in a sloppy, suffocating kiss.
I have come to think no matter what we have to be happy about, it is never enough.
We are always looking for the next emotional high, rarely pausing to appreciate the small happiness we have already.
It does no good to encourage a sad person to count the things they should be happy about.
They are sad because they want to be.
They like it that way. They must.
Why else do they cling to things best forgotten? Why else can't they move on with what is left of their short lives?
I am surrounded by sadness, it seems.
I try to be a cheerleader, to encourage, to share what small wisdoms I have gleaned in the fight to be happy.
These truths are:
1. Forgive those who have hurt you. Never forget. Never let yourself be a punching bag. But forgive. This is the most important thing you will ever do.
2. Get help. See your doctor. Medication can help.
3. Exercise your body and your mind will be clearer.
4. Find something you love to do and do it.
5. Laugh every chance you get.
6. Live passionately.
Even cheerleaders get the blues, however. And sometimes the pom-poms become so heavy that I can barely lift them.
That's ok, though, because I know I am just tired.
Tomorrow, if I am lucky, I will live to fight another day.
And I will be happy.
Because I want to be.


  1. This was my post of the day ... and I needed it... Thanks, Cathy!

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  3. Sorry change of heart. Things better left unsaid, lol.

  4. Some really nice sentiments there, Cathy.

  5. Hugs also help. And knowing others feel the same. Funny how cyberland can make everyone seem perky.

    All six tips, invaluable, especially that 6th. And that's one of the reasons you shine. Peace...

  6. An invaluable bit of advice. Even the most cheerful of us feel the weight sometimes. And maybe it's harder knowing that there are people who need to lean on you. But then it helps to remember there are also people to lean on.

  7. Cathy, this is all good advice. You're the best. I should post your list on my fridge. But I would also add that feeling sad is an okay thing, too. Sometimes we think being a little down or depressed (not clinical depression) is a state that must be changed, but if you just feel it for a bit it usually lifts and in the process things are uncovered and discovered. Don't be afraid to put your pom-poms down and cry for a few days. ;-)

  8. Yes...Your comment about the pom-poms being too heavy to lift really struck me because that's exactly the analogy that my brain uses.

  9. I would add one thing to the list. I know it's corny and we've heard it a million times, but it happens to be true: try not to take the little things for granted. Our lives are composed of hundreds of beautiful little moments. They're small and quiet, but life can't be BIG all the time.

    You're my favorite cheerleader. Listen to Lou, give yourself a break now and then. You deserve it.

  10. You are right, clinging to things best forgotten and not moving on keeps someone the vortex of sadness. I like your #4 rule.


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