Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camp Journal Day #5

You should see my hair. On the other hand, maybe you shouldn't. Oh, and I rolled out of bed at 9:32 a.m. Plus, Dave's making pancakes. All sure signs that we're on vacation.
Yesterday I made a run into town to pick up some poison ivy stuff. Sam had a rash on top of both his feet and there is tons of that noxious weed around here. I google-imaged poison ivy to see if I could see my son's rash – big mistake, unless photos of humongous blisters, swollen eyeballs and scarlet red asses turn your crank. What I didn't see was any little red rashes a la Sam but I decided to get the treatment just in case.
This is what you do: wash the "affected area (!)" with soap and warm water (that always kills me, the "affected area." Of course you wash the affected area - do you think you wash your hair? Your arse? Sheesh, how dumb are we people-who-write-instructions-on-the-back-of-medicine-bottles?); follow that with a wash of rubbing alcohol; apply a hydrocortisone cream; then take a Benadryl or a Reactine. And don't itch it, unless you want an infection. Sam seems better today. "It's still there," he says, "but it's getting better."
I'm reading Stephen King's On Writing. What a fabulous book for a writer. I'm enjoying it even more than a novel.
I read it years ago, when I was only thinking about writing, and I thought it was merely ok. Now that I'm in the midst of a project, it is invaluable. Inspirational. I want to talk more about it but Dave has just put a pancake in front of me so I must go.


  1. Thanks, Cathy... I'm sympathy-itching now. Forests - shudder.

  2. Pancakes will win out every time.

  3. If you can share some gems from the King book I'd appreciate it. Usually when I try to read him I find him to be bloated and vulgar.

  4. Mmm - pancakes! I love pancakes when camping. Good idea to keep on top of the poison ivy - it has a nasty habit of spreading itself opportunistically.

  5. Good info on cleaning an affected area. I'll be transcribing that. Hope your camping trip continues to go.

  6. Mmmmmmm, pancakes. Hope Sam's rash is better.


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