Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colorado Low

"Oh, it's an Alberta Clipper coming, honey!"
Dave says this with a southern accent.
Don't ask me why.
Every time we hear the words Alberta Clipper on the news, Dave and I chuckle. 
Don't ask me that either. 
It's just funny.
Well, we've been doing a lot of chuckling today, but not over the Clipper. This time it's a Colorado Low.
"A Col-or-add-oh Lowwww, honey, it's a-coming!"
And coming. And coming.. and still coming.
We've had three feet of snow today. And it's still coming. About two inches every hour.
It was snowing at 7:47 a.m. when I went out to start the car and took the picture of the tree beside the river. 
It was snowing at work, all day long. My boss, also named Dave, shovelled the walk on and off all day long. We all took photos of him. We took photos of each other cleaning off our cars. We took photos of each other taking photos. We laughed a lot. 
And it kept snowing.
My short drive home was a white-knuckle affair. White-outs all the way. Cars in ditches.
Our road wasn't plowed  and my Neon plowed through it, snow blowing up over the hood. It was like a dog rooting through snow with its snout.
When I got to our driveway, I had to gun it so it wouldn't get stuck, but get stuck it did, burying itself up to the hood.
I didn't even try to get it out.
I just pushed open the door and stepped out into snow almost up to my hip. 
Waddled up to the front door, laden with purse and keys and camera. Opened the door to let the dog out. Dog looks at me like I'm a bug. Dog comes out, pees in the footprint closest to the front door, goes back in the house again. Shakes off snow then snorts derisively as if to say, "I am so not going to do that again."
The funniest thing about this Colorado Low, is that it's mostly just hitting Bracebridge.
In Sprucedale? No snow.
In Huntsville? No snow to speak of.
In Haliburton? A little bit.
In Bracebridge? The floodgates of hell opened up and buried local sinners in a kiss that's as cold and white and sloppy as a three-day-old corpse.

P.S. You want to know the most interesting thing about all this?
They're calling for another 30-60 cm of snow tomorrow.

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