Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

The plow came through this morning! Finally! I did a little happy dance when the l0ader went by at 8:07. I was beginning to think our road would never be plowed.
It's been an incredible few days, to say the least.
I have never seen so much snow fall in such a short time in my entire life.
Everyone's been saying the same thing.
Tim, who we just met this morning while we were out for a walk, was downright ebullient when he stopped his four-by-four, wound down his window and grinned wider than any country mile. A shit-eating grin, I think they call it.
"I've lived here since 1969," he said, "and I've NEVER seen snow like this!"
We grinned right back at him, because, well, you just can't help yourself. 
We've lived here since September but we hadn't really met many neighbours until the storm. Since then we've met pretty near all of them. Even the guy behind us who I met for the first time in my underwear. Well, I was in my underwear, not him.
I was playing on the computer, sitting around in my underwear and nightshirt because it's like 400 degrees in here with the woodstove roaring. I figured it must be Dave, who was out in the garage doing something, and he had his hands full and wanted me to open the door.
Something told me to grab the blanket on the back of the chair, and I'm glad I did, because there was a stranger at the front door.
I kinda hid and opened the door a crack and blushed furiously.
He had the good graces to blush back.
"Hi!" he says.
"Hi," I reply, thinking, who the heck is this guy? He's not dressed well enough to be a Jehovah's Witness.
"Nice weather, we're having, eh?"
I can't believe we're sharing niceties with me in my gotchies. 
Finally I blurt out, "Are you looking for Dave?"
"Yeah," he says, happy to be given an out. "He in the garage?" 
I would have told him he was out having an audience with the Pope if I thought he'd leave me to my computer and my underwear.
Nice people, though, everyone we've met.
It's been a cosy couple of days, keeping the fire stoked, cleaning out the driveway, measuring the snowfall (we figure at least 4 feet), talking to friends on the phone who are wondering how we're doing.
It's been fun, for sure.
But I can't tell you how nice it is to see the sun.

P.S. If you double-click on the photos, you'll see the high-resolution version. (I'm a Mac user so I double-click everything. If you're on a PC, you might only need one)


  1. That's a LOT of snow! Do you have a flickr account? You should.

  2. Hi there,

    I stumbled on your blog while searching for info on Matthiasville. I'm fascinated, entranced by, and half-seriously comtemplating bidding on a house on Matthiasville Road (the old church at #1128). Your winter photos are a good reality check (albeit beautiful) against what I experienced while cycling along the river last weekend. I'm wondering how long the plough usually takes to arrive? And whether there are other posts showing photos of the neighbourhood through the seasons? Or anything else you'd like to share about the neighbourhood and community. It would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks.
    Nick Gamble


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