Monday, December 14, 2009

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight, Like Chicken Tonight!

If you're going to pull someone out of a snowbank, try to make sure it's someone who works at your favourite restaurant.
I mean, I totally hit the jackpot tonight! And I didn't even do any towing!
Here's the scoop: it was 8:30 p.m. and I hadn't taken a photo yet for this blog. I thought about cheating... yesterday I took 26 photos, surely I could pretend I took one of them today??? If I hadn't watched a movie on HBO tonight called Cheaters, all about a high school academic team that cheated, and been infused with a fresh infusion of Libra guilt (you know, cheaters never prosper, blah, blah, blah...) then I might have posted an old photo.
But if I had of done that, me and Dave wouldn't have jumped in the Jibberty (it's what we call our Jeep Liberty  after I mixed up my consonants one day) and gone out to find a blog photo. 
And find one we did. A nice one, if I do say so myself, and of course I do... it's the Matthiasville hydro-electric plant (pictured above), lit up like a movie set.
That's not the best part, though. The best part has to do with chicken! The possibility of chicken! Oh, the chicken, the poulet, the taste-like-chicken chicken of it all!
The best part was finding Diane and her Civic stuck in a pile of snow. 
We decided to pull her out with our Jibberty because we're nice people.
We help other people.
Any kind of people.
Even people who don't work for Swiss Chalet.
But while Dave was trotting down the road to get a tow rope, I chatted up the damsel in distress only to find out she works for Chalet Suisse.
"No way!" I say to her with genuine enthusiasm. "That is our FAVOURITE restaurant!"
"Is that right?" she says.
"Oh, YES!" I gush. "We go there ALL the time. It was the first place we went to on Saturday when they cleared the road! We just LOVE Swiss Chalet!"
"Isn't that interesting," she says, light beginning to dawn on our poor, stuck sweetie.
The thought was planted. The groundwork was done.
Surely she would connect our love for poulet with our grand and glorious deed pulling her from the snowbank on a cold, dark night.
We are, after all, heroes! 
Heroic heroes!
We are her knights in shining armour!
Surely there will be a gift certificate for Swiss Chalet in our mailbox tomorrow!
"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! The poulet's a day away!!!!"


  1. Take me with you.
    I LOVE Swiss Chalet Chicken too. It's my fav as well. Ask Roger.. he will tell you. It's the sauce, the glorious sauce and you have to shred your chicken with your fork so it sops up that sauce like a sponge then dip the fries the crispy HOT fries. I am So hungry now. I haven't eaten all day and NOW I am hungry. I should go to bed though. Early day... back to work. Still feel crappy but hunger is there so thats a good sign. You dotn have to take me with you.. kidding on that but we should go sometime.

  2. I KNEW there was no such thing as genuinely nice people! I knew it! Chicken by extortion... my god.


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