Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Under the Weather

No, not me. Gawd. I am so sick about writing about being under the weather but not as sick, I am sure, as you are hearing about it.

Nope, Under the Weather is another gem I unearthed in the National Film Board archives. (You seriously need to check them out.) When I think of the NFB, I inevitably think about the zany animated shorts the board is famous for, films like: The Cat Came Back, the hilarious Oscar-nominated cartoon based on the folk song of the same name; Log Driver's Waltz, the addictively silly song by Wade Hemsworth about loggers and their gals dancing on logs in whirling swirling waters; My Financial Career, a drily hilarious cartoon based on a classic Stephen Leacock story; and one of my favourites, another Wade Hemsworth song called Black Fly. Oh, and I can't go away without mentioning The Big Snit. Fecking FUNNY and weird in equal measures.

Speaking of weird, Under the Weather is one of the weirdest cartoons I've ever laid eyes on. It's NFB-weird the way I expect NFB films to be weird. You just don't see stuff like this anywhere else in the world. It's as uniquely Canadian as that Ti-Jean movie I wrote about under the A to Z T-category.

You might not have had time for Tie-Jean, but take a few minutes to enjoy Under the Weather. It's worth it for two reasons: the bizarre sound of the people talking, and the man-boobs.

Fabulous man-boobs with fabulous man-nipples.

You just don't see stuff like that anywhere else ...


  1. Where, oh where is a shark when you need one?

    This is another level of hell that Faust did not mention.

    So very clever!

  2. It's...uh.....really weird. Reminds me of the creepy stuff I saw on that PBS kids' show, 'Zoom', from the 70s.

  3. Yeah, that was really weird...
    Fantastic Planet, an animated film from the 70's, still wins though.

  4. That Yeah, interesting. Um...yeah...Loss for words here.

  5. Sorry that you're Under the weather, Cathy. Glad that being Under the Weather hasn't put you Under the Ground!

    The NFB! Ah, YES! Though I sometimes wonder why Prime Minister Stevie hasn't gotten rid of it as an "austerity" saving. GGGGGRRRr! It has such good things, which you have mentioned! Love the Log Driver!

    Take are. Stay warm. Blessings and Bear hugs!

  6. Quirky fun.
    And I am so glad that it isn't you under the weather. My heart sunk when I saw the title.

  7. That one I've seen before... and the Log Driver's Waltz too...

    Darth Harper would no doubt love to get rid of the NFB.


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